Commercial Handyman Services
Atlanta, Georgia
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Commercial Handyman Services Atlanta, GA

    Commercial Drywall Repair
    Need a few walls patched in your office? We can patch walls and paint to give your office that "new" look. Setting up a yearly office review of general maintenance repairs will keep your office looking nice and up to date.
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    Full Painting & Touch Up Painting
    Recon Atlanta provides full interior and exterior commercial painting services. We are also avaialbe for touch up and refinish work as needed. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in your business image and professional appearance of your company. It is probably the easiest and most cost effective way to breathe new life into your commercial properties.
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    New Electrical Outlets & Electrical Repairs
    Recon can repair and replace bad electrical outlets. We can also add electrical outlets to a room or building if they are needed. Bad GFI outlets diagnosed and repaired along with bringing electrical panels up to code.
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    Light Fixture Repairs & Replacement (bulbs, ballasts, wiring)
    Let Recon take care of your light repairs around the office. Same day service to replace bulbs, swap out ballasts, and we can even discuss swapping you to LED fixtures.

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    Exterior Building Repairs & Finishing
    Need the exterior of you building painted or some structural repairs. Give Recon a call to set up a free estimate.
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    Rotted Wood Replacement
    Rotting wood on the exterior or even the interior of a commercial building really needs to be addressed right away as it is an indication of water damage. Recon will fix the problem and then replace the wood to ensure structural integrity and appearance are upheld.

    Water Sealing & Water Proofing
    Armor can water seal windows, roofs, vents and other areas of a business that typically deal with water related issues. We can even seal sub-ground level walls to ensure water remains on the outside of the building where it belongs.

    Pressure Washing
    Pressure washing the exterior of a building can often have the same effect as painting. It can breathe new life into a building. Recon can pressure wash parking lots, buildings, and other structures on your properties to make sure they look new again.