Commercial Construction Services
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Commercial Remodeling Atlanta, GA

    Commercial Remodeling is what we do every day. It brings together all our services and it's what we love to do. Moving into a new space and need it laid out to your specifications? Buying a new building and need some clean up and remodel work before moving in? Give us a call to discuss your project. We'll manage the complete process for you so that you can focus on running your business.

    New Offices, Walls, & Doors Installed
    Looking to add a new office into an existing space or perhaps just move a doorway? Recon Atlanta can do it, give us a call.

    New Floors & Carpets
    Recon can do new hardwoods, carpet, or tile for your business. New floors offer a quick upgrade to an existing space.

    Tenant Build Outs Atlanta
    New tenant build outs and punch lists are things Recon does all the time for our commercial customers. We are used to working with property managers who are looking to build out spaces per their new tenants requirements.

    Concrete Staining
    Learn about Recon's Concrete Staining & Concrete Finishing services. Factory certified technians on staff for all your commercial concrete finishing needs.
    concrete stain atlanta concrete decorative business atlanta

    New Electrical Fixtures & Outlets
    New electrical outlets can help make a space look new again. Something so simple can be done to give new life to older spaces.

    New Plumbing Fixtures
    Let's face it, sometimes you just need new fixtures. There comes a point where cleaning just doesn't do the trick and you need to replace a fixture to make it look new.

    Cabinets & Counter Tops Remodeled
    Full granite or customer tabletops available, we also do cabinets as well.

    New Ceiling Tiles & Ceiling Grids
    Water damage and just normal aging can wreck havoc on ceiling tiles. Occasionally you will need to replace ceiling tiles to help you office look great.