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Handyman Services Atlanta, GA

Do you have a growing to-do list of projects and repairs to complete around your house, but no time or experience to get the job done? Our experienced handyman team offers a wide rage of home repairs. Recon Atlanta, Inc. handles anything from hanging mirrors to repairing broken windows. Our knowledgeable craftsmen are scheduled to arrive on time, and are committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our handymen are experienced in home maintenance, home improvements, remodeling and product installation.

Examples of our Handyman Services:

Gutter Cleaning
Gutters play a crucial role in preventing water damage to the interior and exterior of your home. It is imperative to protect your roof, structure, and landscape by controling the flow of rainwater. When you neglect your gutters they can become clogged and this often leads to water damage and leaking. Let our qualified technicians clean your gutters to prevent water damage as well as stopping insects, rodents, and mold from making a home in the debris.

Woodworking and Rotton Wood Repair
Do you have rotting wood on your home? It is essential to fix the damage before frequent water exposure creates major damage to your property by spreading. Our skilled technicians will repair the water damage at the source and fix the problem to prevent future water leaks and costly repairs.

Pressure Washing and Cleaning
Over time sidewalks, decks, windows, and houses can look dirty and dingy. We understand that it is imporant to maintain the appearance of your home. Pressure washing will not only make your home appear cleaner, but it is also essential to protecting your property from mold and other slippery surfaces that can create unwanted liabilities.
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Faucet Replacement & Plumbing Repair
Leaking water or drain pipes? Our qualified technicians have the knowledge, tools, and parts to repair any type of system. Don't let a dripping faucet keep you awake at night. We can also change the sytle of your faucets if you are looking for a change or style update. Small fixes like new faucets can really go a long way to improving the homes appearance.
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Ceiling Fan and Overhead Lighting Installation
Ever tried to install a ceiling fan by yourself? Not the easiest task, they can be heavy and difficult to manuever. Let Recon make your life easier and complete the job quickly and efficiently. You pick it out and we will install it for you in a couple of hours!
ceiling fan installation atlanta

Drywall Repair and Paint Touch Up
Drywall repair and painting services are part of Recon's standard handyman services that we do everyday for customers across metro Atlanta. If you've ever tried to do a drywall repair I'm sure you know how difficult it can be to get everything looking great again, give us a call and let us help.

Blind Installation
Expertly installed blinds, either supplied by us or by the homeowner. You pick it out the style and Recon will take care of the rest, we offer measure and delivery services in addition to installation. You pick out how much of the project you want us to take care of.

Safety & Mobility for Homes
Recon has experience modifying homes to meet the needs of elderly or disabled homeowners. Call us with your projects and we would be happy to provide you with a project estimate at no charge. Widening doorways to installing ramps around the home.


If you have a project and the service is not listed above please contact us. This is just a general list of services but we certainly do more. Thanks!