Concrete Finishing
Staining, Coloring and Texture
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Concrete Staining & Decorative Concrete Atlanta, GA

Concrete Staining, also known as Concrete Coloring or Concrete Finishing, is the process of taking traditional gray concrete and changing its appearance and/or texture. Aside from the physical appearance changes associated with concrete staining there are also other advantages. This finishing process can be done to both interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

Recon Atlanta has factory certified technicians on staff to guide you thru the process from product selection all the way through the installation. Recon is a full-service Concrete Staining company servicing all of Metro Atlanta. We are experienced with decorative concrete at both residential and commercial properties.

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See a few examples of jobs below showing the different colors and finishes available. Color and style choices include:

  • Hardwood Concrete Finish
    hardwood concrete finish atlanta

  • Epoxy Flake Cement Finish
    epoxy flake concrete finish atlanta

  • Italian Marble Concrete Finish
    italian marble concrete finish atlanta

  • Flagstone Concrete Finish
    flagstone cement finish atlanta

  • Tuscan Concrete Finish
    tuscan cement finish

  • Marble Epoxy Concrete Finish
    marble epoxy concrete atlanta

  • Polished Concrete Finish
    polished concrete finish atlanta

  • ** More finishes available, contact us to discuss your project. **

    Reasons to Coat your Concrete Floor

  • 1. Puncture Resistance - coating your floor provides some puncture resistance which can help stop damage from falling objects to help extend the life of your floor.

  • 2. Thermal Shock Resistance - our floor systems help protect your floor against movement, cracks, bubbles, and delimination.

  • 3. Static Control - we offer ESD floor coatings for industries that deal with volatile elements (gases, chemicals, & other substances)

  • 4. Slip Resistant - slip resistant concrete floors are important to have in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our slip resistant floor coatings are high quality, extremely durable, and can be customized to meet your needs.

  • 5. Anti-Microbial - many commercial and industrial properties require floors that guard against germ and molds. We have products that meet these specifications and protect your property.

  • 6. Sustainable - our products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Our coatings will protect your concrete surface while also being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • 7. Moisture Vapor Control & Water Proofing - floor coatings add an extra layer of water proofing and moisture control to your concrete. Concrete is naturally a porous material and a floor coating will help seal it.

  • 8. Low Odor - very low odor coatings, even during the initial installation.

  • 9. Heavy Duty Floors - using our concrete coatings you can create a heavy-duty floor that can better handle and stand up to traffic and use. Our floor coatings can be tailored to fit your applications needs.

  • 10. Chemical Resistant - floor coatings offer an extra layer of protection against chemical spills in commercial and industrial.

  • 11. Easy to Maintain - our floor coating systems don't require a lot of maintenance making them very easy to maintain.

  • 12. Customized Look - Recon's floor concrete floor coatings come in hundreds of different finishes. We're positive we can help you find one that your love!